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Nína Tryggvadóttir 1913-1968


Nína Tryggvadóttir was a pioneer in Icelandic art history, one of very few artists of her time who managed to work in an international context and had the potential to impact the current art styles of her time. Her career in art depicts a portrait of a woman who had the courage to seek and find, ask and ask again. Nína went to Denmark at a young age to study at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and studied further in Paris and New York. She went to New York after the Second World War and wanted to settle down there, understandably so as the city’s art scene was buzzing at the time. Nína was not granted a residence permit in the USA and so she moved to Paris and later to London with her husband Al Copley. Nína was eventually granted a residence permit in the USA in 1959 and lived in New York but after having been away from the art scene for so long she had lost touch with a part of the scene. She worked in various mediums such as painting, mosaics and glass and her works can be found in museums all over the world. Nína’s career includes numerous solo exhibitions and group exhibitions with her contemporaries. Her art was in constant development, free of stagnation and reflects the curiosity with which her mind is constantly searching, and change signals a new beginning and new ways to approach art.


  • Ár1946
  • GreinMálaralist - Olíumálverk
  • Stærð52,5 x 31,5 cm
  • EfnisinntakAbstrakt, Fólk
  • AðalskráMyndlist/Hönnun
  • EfniOlíulitur

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