Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir Ream 1917-1977


Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir Ream’s[AY1]  works are characterised by logic and intimacy. The observer senses intimacy in the composition and in the personal evocation of landscape where subtle variations of colour create a rhythm that recalls the artist’s character and her background in music. Ragnheiður’s uniqueness lies in her insight and fresh view of nature – and this no doubt reflects the discipline of her musical training on the piano. Landscape plays an important part in her work – and especially moorlands, lowlands, cliffs and rocks in the foreground, in contrast with the distant horizon high up in the picture plane. This subjective essence in her works makes them highly unusual in Icelandic landscape art. Colour may be said to provide the bass note in her paintings, bearing clear witness to her artistic talents. Ragnheiður brought fresh breezes into Icelandic landscape art and the art scene when she returned to Iceland in 1969 after years in Washington DC. She immediately drew attention for her refined imagery, reminiscent of William de Kooning and Richard Deberkorn.

 [AY1]Ath. Í íslenskunni vantar hér Ream nafnið. Ég held að það sé nauðsynlegt til aðgreiningar

Frá Ragnheiði Jónsdóttur grafíklistakonu.

  • Year1977
  • TypeMálaralist, Málaralist - Olíumálverk
  • Size95 x 80 cm
  • SummaryLandslag
  • Main typeMyndlist/Hönnun
  • MaterialOlíulitur, Strigi

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