Ásgrímur Jónsson 1876-1958


 Ásgrímur Jónsson is one of the pioneers of modern Icelandic art, and the first Icelandic artist to make a living mainly by his art. The predominant theme of his art was Icelandic nature; his interpretation of landscape paved the way for a tradition in Icelandic landscape art. From an early age he also found inspiration in Icelandic folktales, and he is the leading Icelandic artist on such themes. Ásgrímur studied art in Copenhagen around 1900, and became acquainted there with the romantic style of landscape that would influence his early works. His experience of French Impressionism, however, would have a deeper impact on his art. Ásgrímur worked in both watercolour and oils, and he has a special place in Icelandic art history as a watercolour artist. Ásgrímur Jónsson bequeathed all this works of art to the Icelandic nation, and in 1960 a museum in his memory opened in his former home and studio. That museum is now a department of the National Gallery of Iceland.


  • Ár1955
  • GreinMálaralist - Olíumálverk
  • Stærð115 x 165 cm
  • EfnisinntakFjall, Landslag, Stöðuvatn
  • AðalskráMyndlist/Hönnun
  • EfniOlíulitur
  • Merking gefanda

    Gjöf frá listamanninum.

Treasures of Icelandic Art

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