Sequences Can't See - The Metaphysical Realm

Agnes Denes Daria Melnikova Elo-Reet Järv Gerður Helgadóttir Ólöf Nordal Zenta Logina

15.10.2023 — 26.11.2023

The House of Collections

Enter the metaphysical realm, the world where linear and rational truths are questioned. 

The search for new forms and artistic explorations takes the form of twisted geometries, tangled spheres and absorbing spirals. Here we start diffusing the tortured lines between imagination and reality, uncertainty and knowledge to enmesh the fixed understandings of necessity and possibility. The mind needs to be shifted both at the individual and societal level in order to make room for the new which might as well also be a long forgotten truth.

This exhibition stems from the surrounding darkness. It starts from the feeling that the world is crumbling in our hands, while a strong wind blows the last of its remains even further. We cannot see the ever-growing threat of ecological destruction, just as we cannot see the potential new directions and life forms rising from the ruins of the old world. 

Can’t See is divided into four chapters, which will provide a glimpse into spaces and times that are not usually perceived by the human eye: from the depths of the sea and layers beneath the soil to the debris of the past and visions of the future. The stories are told from a range of perspectives, from hybrid birds to bacteria, sea creatures, an ancient tree or the ever blasting wind, aiming to present different ways of seeing and experiencing the world that detach from the  numerous perspectives we are accustomed to. The moment in time is not fixed, allowing us to travel deep into the mythical past or imagine futures yet to come.

Curators: Marika Agu, Maria Arusoo, Kaarin Kivirähk, Sten Ojavee (Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art)

Sequences Can't See - The Metaphysical Realm


Sequences is an artist run biennial in Reykjavík. The aim of the festival is to produce and present progressive visual art. Amongst previous exhibiting artists are: Elísabet Jökulsdóttir, Philip Jeck, Miruna Roxana Dragan, Joan Jonas, David Horvitz, Agnes Martin, Hekla Dögg Jónsdóttir, Guido van der Werve, Ragnar Kjartansson, Emily Wardill, Roger Ackling, Margrét H. Blöndal, Carolee Schneemann, Rebecca Erin Moran, Finnbogi Pétursson and Alicja Kwade. Past editions have been curated by local and international artists/curators, amongst others Þóranna Dögg Björnsdóttir (IS) and Þráinn Hjálmarsson (IS), Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir (IS) and Ingólfur Arnarsson (IS), Margot Norton (New Museum, NY) and Alfredo Cramerotti (dir. Mostyn, Wales). Founding members of Sequences are artist run Kling & Bang galleri (est. 2003), the Living Art Museum (est. 1978) and the Icelandic Art Center, that together with artists active in the local art scene at each time, run the festival. Sequences is a non-profit organisation. Sequences art festival will be held for the 11th time in October 2023, 13th until the 22nd of October. The festival’s overarching theme and curatorial concept will be announced in the coming months.


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