Unexpectedly We See Abstract


17. apríl



Unexpectedly We See Abstract
An expert-led guided tour
A gathering of three different groups of artists with a focus on common themes. The exhibition features mid-twentieth century artists ideologically inspired by abstract art, disabled artists who freely work the picture plane in conversation with their own experience of the world, and other formally educated contemporaries who, among other methods, use the abstract medium.

The events calendar is aimed at senior citizens and is composed of specially designed tours as well as discussions with the museum´s experts on fine art, ongoing exhibitions and the work of the National Gallery of Iceland. The events create opportunities for guests to approach art and our national heritage from different perspectives. The National Gallery´s Quality Time events are always accompanied by coffee and pastries. The pastries are contributed by Bread and Co. which sponsors the project.

Attn. The event will be held in Icelandic

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