Krakkablúbburinn Krummi

The Kid's Club Krummi


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Let’s Look Up

Mirrors appear in this creative workshop where we transform the forms observed in the museum’s architecture into works of art. We’ll examine the man-made elements of our environment that we tend to see as ordinary, the building that houses us, and the architecture of our museum.

The Gallery encourages families to visit and ponder the art on their own terms. We also offer diverse programming on a regular basis with an emphasis on enabling families to enjoy time together in creative ways, whether through live guided tours or custom workshops. All events are advertised specially in connection with exhibitions.

The kids' club Krummi runs a varied and fun program every month where cheerful kids are invited to learn about the works of art in the collection of the National Gallery of Iceland, create works of art and play in a nurturing environment.

Treasures of Icelandic Art

The museum is open every day from 10am - 5pm.