Artist-led Tour


9. júní



We welcome you to an artist-led tour of Loop by Tumi Magnússon at the National Gallery of Iceland.

In connection with the Reykjavík Art Festival the National Gallery of Iceland premieres the video work Loop by Tumi Magnússon. The work brings together all the different working methods that Tumi has adopted over time, in the paintings and photographs from the 1990s and in the video works from the last 20 years. He joins different things together, pulls them apart, turns situations upside down, changes speed and equates something tiny with something huge. He considers how long it takes to go from one place to another and the speed required to reach the destination. And he contemplates how we perceive the interaction of these elements in space – speed and time. In Loop he evokes surprising sides of familiar phenomena that spark off new trains of thought in the viewer's mind.

Man-made, everyday life has been a primary focus of Tumi's work, but in Loop he deals with the natural world in an unexpected way. The piece is a 14-channel video installation that fills the gallery with image and sound.

Attn. The event will be held in Icelandic.
Museum entrance fees apply.

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