The National Gallery of Iceland is a member of Sarpur.

Sarpur is a cultural history collection management system and data-base. Over 50 museums and institutions in Iceland are members of the Sarpur Collective, which supervises and owns the system itself. Sarpur preserves information on works of art, artifacts, photographs, archaeological sites, houses, ethnography, and place-name descriptions, along with other material. In recent years, the museums and institutions which are members of Sarpur, have registered about one million entries in the database, which are stored on Sarpur's internal web. The majority of the entries are now accessible through the external website, to which the public has access.

More than half of the National Gallery's collection has already been registered in Sarpur, where the artwork can be seen along with the main associated information. The catalogue of the National Gallery's artwork in Sarpur can be found here.

Sarpur was awarded the Icelandic Museum Award (Íslensku safnaverðlaunin) for 2014.