One of the primary purposes of the National Gallery of Iceland is to share information on its collection and activities with the community. The aim of the museum is to develop a positive and productive environment through effective education that offers guests a unique experience where they can increase their knowledge of art, gain insight and recognize the link between the present and the past. Various methods are used to analyse the works of art more closely, provoke debate about them and enhance the public's imagination.

The educational department of the National Gallery of Iceland is responsible for education on behalf of the three museums, the National Gallery of Iceland, the Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum and the Ásgrímur Jónsson Museum. The role of the department is to ensure the quality and organization of the services with the aim to disseminate information on the essence of exhibitions and other museum activities. With a high quality education and event program that is based on imaginative and creative work, we aim to reach as large a part of the population as possible, different cultural and age groups, and thus contribute to increased happiness in life and greater harmony in the community.

The core of the museum's educational policy is to enhance public understanding of art and museum work as well as playing a creative role in contemporary culture, at the same time.