The National Gallery organizes events in relation to all exhibitions at the museum, such as symposia; conversations with artists, curators and scholars; lectures and guided tours. The Gallery's programming also includes educational meetings and seminars about issues in the visual arts and specific aspects of art history. The events provide a platform for guests to approach the art in various ways, whether theoretical or informal, both within the museum and without. The Gallery also provides guided tours and museum visits for groups. See more.


The National Gallery of Iceland, along with the Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum and the Ásgrímur Jónsson Museum, provides exciting options for museum education with various thematic emphases for students of all ages, at no cost to the school. The National Curriculum Guide for Compulsory and Upper Secondary Schools is used for reference when appropriate. Student groups from primary and secondary schools, as well as university students and preschoolers, are welcome on weekdays by prior arrangement. Guided tours can be booked here.

The three museums welcome student groups who wish to visit the museum with or without a museum instructor. Groups that come on their own are encouraged to inform the Gallery of their plans.

Information & 25 Assignments FOR PRIMARY-SCHOOL TEACHERS:

The Future Path of Art

 is an accessible educational package with assignments based on the art of Sigurjón Ólafsson. The educational package can be used independently outside the museum or as guidance during a visit. The assignment is designed as a PDF document for printing or use as an interactive document and is available for download. The 25 assignments are in icelandic.

Project manager: Alma Dís Kristinsdóttir.

For Families

The Gallery encourages families to visit and ponder the art on their own terms. We also offer diverse programming on a regular basis with an emphasis on enabling families to enjoy time together in creative ways, whether through live guided tours or custom workshops. All events are advertised specially in connection with exhibitions.

Hugskot (Mental Space) is an education and experience space on the lower level of the National Gallery of Iceland and is intended for the museum's visitors, young and old. Hugskot is a place where you can pause and enjoy time together in direct connection with visual art. A supply of sketching paper and pencils is available, along with projects that guide families on adventures through the museum and relate to the exhibitions that are ongoing at any given time. Events and workshops for children and young people will also be a part of the National Gallery's educational programming, which is advertised specially on the Gallery's website.

The space contains video portraits of museum visitors by Snorri Ásmundsson (b. 1966), along with the work Samhljómur (Consonance)by Björk Viggósdóttir (b. 1982), the concept artist of the space.


Access to an electronic database with photographs and information on all works, by Icelandic artists, in the National Gallery's collection.