• 21.9.2016, 13:00, Listasafn Íslands

Jean-Marie Dallet og Frederic Curien hjá SLIDERS_lab mun kynna rannsóknarverkefni sem þeir hafa unnið að á síðastliðnum árum og meðal annars koma að sýningu sem þeir unnu með Vasulka hjónunum í Centre d´art Le Lait í Frakklandi fyrr á þessu ári.
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Ókeypis aðgangur.

SLIDERS_lab is an art research laboratory created at the ÉESI (European School of Visual Arts) and currently hosted by the University of Poitiers.
SLIDERS_lab takes into account an area of thought emerging around animated pictures, filing and digital information, in which authors and researchers question the issues of original narrative figures, and also new forms of creation and picture analysis.  This artistic research circulates in a space gathering art, philosophy and science together.
The projets carried out are generally photographs, interactive installations and performances that bring into play large picture sets, as well as the semantic links connecting these pictures one to another. The artistic work pusued on these relationships is the source of forms - organization patterns taken from cristals, animals, human architectures, mental construcitons, etc.  - put forward by SLIDERS_lab.