Sanctuary. A clearing on the heath


Einar Falur Ingólfsson 1966-


Einar Falur Ingólfsson has spent his career working both as a documentary photographer and in photographic art in the form of a diary, combining objective documentation with a subjective approach. His Griðastaður. Rjóður á heiðinni/Sanctuary. A Glade on the Moor is a video loop taken in a glade on the Mosfellsheiði moor, which is the artist’s place of sanctuary, depicting his hammock, which in a sense symbolises the place. Einar Falur photographed the glade systematically for eight years, capturing the flow of time and seasons. As a whole the work is concerned with the artist’s place of sanctuary which changes, grows and develops in step with the artist. Much is at stake here: not least the attempt to capture and depict time in this medium, and also to engage in dialogue with landscape art in a personal manner. The artist says that he never works with “virgin” landscape, only with landscape where his subject is humanity’s impact on the landscape, shaping it and changing it.

  • Year2020
  • TypeNýir miðlar - Vídeóverk
  • SummaryÁrstíð, Gróður, Hengirúm, Rjóður
  • Main typeMyndlist/Hönnun
  • MaterialVídeó

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