Freymóður Jóhann Jóhannsson 1895-1973


As a boy Freymóður Jóhann Jóhannsson received lessons from art teacher Stefán Björnsson in Akureyri, north Iceland. After leaving school he went to Copenhagen for further training in drawing and housepainting. In 1922 he made a study trip to Italy, and in the autumn of 1924 he exhibited the fruits of that visit at his first solo show at Báran in Reykjavík. In 1927 Freymóður returned to Copenhagen, where he trained as a scene-painter at the Royal Danish Theatre. He went on to work extensively in that field. Over the years Freymóður painted portraits of many prominent Icelanders, and portraiture makes up a large part of his oeuvre. He also painted Icelandic landscapes, as well as being commissioned to paint specific farms and other places. Freymóður was also a composer, under the pseudonym 12. september.

  • GreinMálaralist - Olíumálverk
  • Stærð48 x 65 cm
  • EfnisinntakFjall, Hestur, Húsdýr, Jökull, Kind, Landslag
  • AðalskráMyndlist/Hönnun
  • EfniOlíulitur, Strigi

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