Machine Vision


3.10.2014 — 2.11.2014

National Gallery of Iceland

October is dedicated to the Vasulka´s, Icelandic born Steina Vasulka (Steinunn Bjarnadóttir, b. 1940) and her Czech-born, now Icelandic citizen, husband Woody Vasulka (b. 1937). The exhibition presents a selection of their video works and photographic works, which have not been shown outside of the US, where the Vasulka´s have lived for the past decades. The works come from the collection of The National Gallery of Iceland and the Vasulka´s private collection.

On October 16th, at the 130-year anniversary of The National Gallery, a new department of the museum will be opened, Vasulka-Chamber, which focuses on the work of the Vasulka´s, as well as on video- and other electronic arts in Iceland and beyond. In the preceding days; 14th and 15th October, Vasulka-Chamber hosts a two day symposium on the Vasulka´s career, preservation, documentation and mediation of electronic artwork. 

7.11.2014 — 3.12.2014

Treasures of Icelandic Art

The museum is open every day from 10am - 5pm.