Stand Still and Turn to Stone! - Icelandic Folktales in Art


The National Gallery of Iceland has received a significant grant from the 2024 Children's Culture Fund for the project "Stand Still and Turn to Stone! - Folktales in Art."

The project focuses on Icelandic folktales in culture and visual arts, bringing together numerous professionals, schools, artists, and experts. A key element is the collaboration with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, in addition to working with artists to create and develop artistic projects for children. The Red Cross and Ingunnarskóli are also partners, along with primary and secondary schools from four regions across the country. This multi-layered project primarily aims to introduce this important cultural heritage to future generations. By combining various art forms, children will deepen their knowledge by merging their insights, working with creative materials, and learning about cultural heritage.

We look forward to continuing the National Gallery of Iceland's mission to offer high-quality educational programs in collaboration with artists and schools nationwide.

Treasures of Icelandic Art

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