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VASULKA-Chamber - 16.10 2014
National Gallery of Iceland
The Vasulka Chamber is an international research and preservation project initiated by the National Gallery of Iceland and the Vasulka´s. The project is regarded as a future project where the National Gallery will include the archive of the Vasulka´s in a new space which has been named: Vasulka-Chamber. The main task is to preserve the part of Icelandic art that relates to video and multimedia art, just as the museum is devoted to the preservation of art from other times made using other forms of methods. An important part of this preservation process involves the rescue of videos from damage or preservation techniques and tools that have disappeared from the scene because other techniques and devices have taken over. In some cases, it may be difficult to see the works of the past because of technique and equipment that is not easily found anymore and perhaps not relevant anymore. That is why another important task for the Vasulka-Chamber is to digitize all analogue multimedia works of previous years for future preservation.The Vasulkas´have been living for decades in the U.S. It is the sincere desire of theirs to keep their archive partly in Iceland. Vasulka–Chamber is designed to be a hub for video, audio-and multimedia art in Iceland, with a primary focus on the Vasulkas´-video and media art, but more dozens of documents in the collection waiting in New Mexico to get a specialized data storage is provided invaluable treasure to discuss the world of art. This treasure is Iceland´s moral duty to preserve.

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