Dodda Maggý

1.9.214 — 30.9.2014

National Gallery of Iceland

While exploring the emotional language of video and music mediated through performance Dodda Maggý creates lyrical work portraying invisible or mentally projected elements such as perceptual experiences and altered states of consciousness. Producing audio/visual installations, films, music, sound art or silent moving images Dodda Maggý attempts to externalize the internal dimensions of dreams, memories and imagination.

Dodda Maggý 1981 is an Icelandic artist, filmmaker and composer based in Reykjavík.
She has a BA in Fine Arts from The Icelandic Academy of the Arts and an MFA from The
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the Nordic Sound Art program.

A collaboration between 700IS Reindeerland and The National Gallery of Iceland.

3.10.2014 — 2.11.2014

Treasures of Icelandic Art

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