Frightening Nature

  • 2.10.2016 - 15.9.2017, Safn Ásgríms Jónssonar

In the magnificent works depicting people and animals fleeing from natural catastrophe, one can sense the artist's inner struggle bringing us closer to his life and work, joy and suffering which goes together with the process of creating as new roads are travelled. 

The story of a poor farmer's son, who becomes one of the nation's most respected painters, resembles a fairy tale. The varied treatment of the material shows the artist's continuous search for a suitable way of expressing the different subjects from local landscapes to the interpretation of the saga heritage, Icelandic folklore and fairy tales as natural disaster. 

The so-called eruption paintings are based on the artist's descriptions and personal experience as he shares with us an existence between imagination and reality as a testimony of life's transiency. 

The exhibition includes oil paintings, watercolours and drawings covering the artist's career.