• 6.3.2014 - 27.3.2014, Listasafn Íslands
13 video artists from Hong Kong.

Curatorial Statement:

The act of looking at the sky reveals individual state like at certain time, space and perspective. Perhaps the most straight- forward of this act is weather forecast, looking up during daytime, spotting the clouds and sensing the wind, then decide whether to take the umbrella or not. But in different time, space and location, the same act of looking up could be consequences of various sequences of fortunate or unfortunate events and hence bring forward a very different set of psychological and emotional reverberations. In Chinese, we have a saying “Looking at the sky and turn the wheel of fortune”, is probably what looking at the sky can mean to us.

Looking at the big sky will present Hong Kong's unique cross section of people who make video. These are architects, artists, filmmakers, animator, activist, who had been living in Hong Kong, who left Hong Kong and who traveled to Hong Kong. Some of them are on the move to a different state of their life, some are just stepping out of school and some are teaching for a long time.  Their stories are about their imaging and imagination of the “Big Sky” with Hong Kong and sometime extended beyond the personal histories and memories of the territory.

Curator:  Ellen Pau.

A collaboration between 700IS Reindeerland and The National Gallery of Iceland.