• 3.4.2014 - 25.4.2014, Listasafn Íslands

Renaud Perrin's, LETTRES À LA MER, in the National Gallery of Iceland.

Synopsis: A line of water comes to life on a stone surface. It rushes into a hole, a pipe, and into the sea. The line splits and moves along the ground and the walls of the town. It seems to be looking for something or someone... Characters appear, then soldiers. The line moves madly, battle scenes emerge...

In this movie, lines and shapes are drawn frame by frame with the stop-motion animation technique. This video evokes the fate of a Spanish refugee in Marseille (France) at the end of the 1930's. The water evaporates suggesting remoteness and oblivion reflected in the letters sent to the character. Letters that never reached their destination

Other people credited for the movie are : Julien Telle (co director) and John Deneuve for the music.

A collaboration between 700IS Reindeerland and The National Gallery of Iceland.